Parking tickets

Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets can be extremely frustrating especially if there are extreme circumstances surrounding getting issued with a ticket. But can you actually fight parking tickets?

What to do if you Get a Parking Ticket

Firstly, DO NOT ignore the ticket - it won't go away. Councils can, and will, bring in bailiffs to get payment for putstanding fines, and a £30 fine can quickly rise to £400 with legal costs added.

In most cases, there is a reduction, by as much as 50%, for fines paid within 2 weeks. If you want to appeal, you can pay the lower amount within the two weeks stating that you wish to lodge an appeal in the meantime. Whilst this means parting with your cash, you will get it back if you win the appeal, but the full amount will be payable if you choose to not pay and then appeal. So it makes sense to pay the reduced charge and lodge an appeal.

To make an appeal, follow the instructions on the ticket, making sure that you send everything to the correct place. State very specific reasons as to why you should not be fined, and enclose photographs to back up your claim if you can. Make sure this again is done within the payment time scale so as not to result in extra costs, bearing in mind that an appeal will be rejected if not received within the correct times!

Your Parking Fine Appeal is Rejected

In cases of appeal, you may find that the council may reject your appeal and issue you with a notice stating that you do still need to pay your fine (if you chose not to pay the reduced amount). This does not mean that this is the end of your appeal. If your Council Appeal is rejected then you can still choose to send an Appeal to The Traffic Penalty Tribunal where your case will be assessed from evidence you provide, and from that of the Council who issued you with the penalty.

You may want to engage the services of a solicitor before you go to the Traffic Penalty tribunal, but this will, of course, incur extra costs. There are some "experts" who have brought succesful appeals, but always check the information they are giving as they have no qualifications in this area.

Keep in mind "myths" such as if double yellow lines have faded but can still be seen, or double yellow lines which have been broken due to pot holes mean that you can park on them, you can't, you will still be fined and your appeal will more than likely be rejected. Irrelevant of the condition of the lines, if you can see them you will still be fined.

Only if the lines cannot be clearly seen and there is no other signs to indicate that the zone where you are about to park is a No Parking Zone would you stand any chance on appeal and in this scenario make sure you take pictures as proof.

You must also be aware that excuses such as running out of petrol resulting in your car being left on double yellow lines or a no parking zone whilst you go for petrol will not result in a successful appeal as this is classed as being in the driver's control. Only if the circumstances of your car being left in this type of area are classed as being outside of the driver's control would they result in success upon appeal.

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Updated on 6th October, 2009

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